PEAK Stock Car Dream Challenge

My name is Josh Reeves. At 20 years old, I am still pursuing a dream that I once envisioned at a young age. Since the start, I have built, setup, and maintained my own race cars. I have even started a business to help fund my racing. You can’t tell me that this isn’t what I’m going to do. I WILL make it into NASCAR, and I hope that PEAK, as well as MWR, makes it possible. – See more at:

Reeves at the Dega

On Tuesday, April 17th, Reeves took to the high banks of Talladega Superspeedway for an open ARCA Re/Max series presented by Menards test. With a 100% chance of rain, track time seemed more than unlikely.

With the biggest percentage of the storm cell moving to the west, it gave the series a few openings for track time. No more than an hour into the session, a rain shower came leaving the teams to wait out the shower until it was time to get back on the track. Once practice resumed, cars were quickly lining up to pace through the session. As Josh began to hit the track, another cell came through; this one harder than the one before. After a prolonged break due to the track being dried, practice was well under way once again.

This time Josh was able to finally get on the track. Easing his way around the first lap, Josh seen that the car was rather stable so he took it to the limits. After running 3 laps total, Josh posted a time of 54.18 at a top speed of 176.78 MPH in his debut at the superspeedway.

“I am very pleased with our lap. I do however feel like we could have gained quite a bit the second time around but the rain just would not cooperate with us. I can’t thank everyone enough at C2M for their ongoing support in my career. I feel like family when I am around them. I look forward to racing for them some this year, as well as some later testing dates.”

Look for the team in Talladega on May 4th as they will be running the Talladega 250. The race will also be aired live on the SPEED channel.

Reeves Hoping for Success in 2012

Without the proper funding, Josh was not able to compete in 2011. But with recent partnerships, Josh sees light in 2012. “I have been really down on myself here lately. I wasn’t able to compete this year and that has hit me hard. I eat, sleep, and breathe racing; and without it this year, it has really affected me.” With NASCAR being in the state that it is in, it has put drivers like Josh in a bind. “People don’t understand what NASCAR is about anymore. It’s all about the funding, and without it, you have nothing. It is solely based on the amount of funding you have. I don’t have money, but I have a strong will and determination. I have talent, and I am ready to show it, but I can’t simply due to that fact.” Josh has been working feverishly trying to put together something for 2012 that will hopefully, bring him the success he needs to advance his career. To most, Josh is considered as “Americas driver” working hard for every opportunity he has been given. “I hope all of this hard work pays off. I’m going to school, working, and doing all of the necessities of pursuing a dream. It’s a constant thing, filled with many emotions. But I have to keep going. I want it more than ever, and I’ve come too far to give up.”